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Posted by Zainax - August 17th, 2022

Starting to think my luck is just dogshit. Or that my art is just really that unappealing cause...

Sharing around my ko-fi on multiple sites and even TikTok? Didn't work.

Trying to sell adoptables? Nothing, some people shared the post on Twitter but outside of that, nothing. Though in that case it could be because the design wasn't that simplified.

Making an official commission sheet and sharing it? Nope. Not a thing.

Trying my hand at fiverr and sharing the link frequently enough? Still no notice despite there being occasional post sharing and people that did see the posts.

I'm trying to get off my feet and make money in a way I know I would enjoy and be consistent in, I don't wanna have to work in retail business where I just know for a fact I will get verbally abused more than once per day especially when I'm suffering from what I suspect is Endocromisis at random times a few days per month. And I don't want to have to resort to the last solution of selling feet pics either even if its lookin' quite nice right now. I wanna be able to free myself from this abusive household I live in one day, be able to afford stuff for myself without having to ask someone to buy it for me and proceeding to get gaslit for years after its been bought for not actually liking living here. I want to be able to stream and make content consistently without there being constant noise I cant filter out, constantly being interrupted during or before I decide to start streaming or recording, and getting verbally abused so badly I no longer feel like streaming or making potential content for the next few days or weeks and some cases even months if I spiralled so much. I just want a life that hasn't sucked in some way since even my first breathe.

But it seems I'll never make it to that goal, I might lose to my inner thoughts sooner or later if my situation gets even worse.

But now I'm trying Etsy, maybe I'll get somewhere now? There's actively more people on Etsy right? More people that will see my commissions open?




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